I believe that the discipline of painting every day is a great way to help me improve my work. I find that giving myself a personal challenge helps me meet my daily painting goal. My latest challenge is called a 'Sunflower a Day'. I will paint 100 sunflowers in pastel in 100 days. They will all be 6x6 and I will be experimenting with many techniques and surfaces. Paintings will be available for sale. I invite you to join me and paint along or visit often to see my progress.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunflower Painting #1 sold

'Sunflower #1' 6x6 pastel ©Karen Margulis
I have been thinking about doing another 100 painting challenge but I just couldn't settle on something that excited me. After I did this little painting for a demo it occurred to me that a Sunflower a Day would be just the subject that I would love to paint. I could find 100 variations on the sunflower theme and I would really enjoy the challenge. Imagine all 100 sunflowers hung on my studio wall! I know when I am excited about a painting idea when I start dreaming about it. I woke up this morning eager to get into the studio and paint sunflower #2!

So here are my guidelines. I plan to do 100 paintings in about 100 days or close to it. They will all be 6x6 and can be any sunflower reference and not just a variation on the same flower. I will experiment with many techniques and surfaces and will post my latest painting along with the details of my process here on this blog. I hope you will follow my progress and if you are so inspired.....start your own 100 painting challenge!

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